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Trauma, Anxiety & Depression –
Are You Looking For Answers?

We all want answers. How come I feel this way – anxious, depressed, over-sensitive, numb, afraid, confused, sad, guilty and/or ashamed? How come I think this way? Why can’t I be more like that person? Why is it so hard for me to do tasks? Why can’t my partner [child, co-worker, friend, boss] just do this one thing and then everything would be better! The questions we ask are endless.

There IS a reason you feel and behave the way that you do. When you have all the information it can make sense, but you are missing pieces of information. Those pieces are hidden in:

  • Our experiences growing up.
  • Our unconscious beliefs about ourselves, the world and other people.
  • Our emotions.

Counselling Can Help – Online & In Person Sessions

Going through the struggle of life can become an insurmountable wall that paralyzes us. Learning tools of how to move through your obstacles differently opens doors to peace, happiness and freedom – I can teach you these skills.

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