About Safe Harbour Counselling

Safe Harbour Counselling is a private practice based in Surrey, B.C. which focuses on trauma, anxiety and depression. We offer experiential, individual counselling sessions for men and women, online and in person. We will introduce you to tools that can help you in your search for peace, hope, clarity, purpose, connection and happiness.

As a teacher and supervisor of junior therapists and 10 years of experience in experiential counselling, I have worked with people with a wide range of experiences.

The nature of my approach combines teaching theory, providing assignments and experiential exercises to bring the most out of your counselling experience. This brings the counselling to your life to create permanent change.

Going through the struggle of life can become an insurmountable wall that paralyzes us. Learning tools of how to move through your obstacles differently opens doors to peace, happiness and freedom. I can teach you these skills.

Welcome to Safe Harbour Counselling, where the word Safe means a lot. Safety is a word that some take for granted. It is a powerful word that many have not had the privilege to experience. Here, the feeling of safety is a foundation to strengthen or create.

If you need a safe place to land, breathe, grow and connect, Safe Harbour Counselling welcomes you.


Values: Freedom, Safety, Integrity, Equality, Love

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