Welcome to Safe Harbour Counselling, where the word Safe means a lot. Safety is a word that some take for granted. It is a powerful word that many have not had the privilege to experience. Here, the feeling of safety is a foundation to strengthen or create.

I have always felt a sense of peace by the water, a calmness that settles over me when I connect with nature, with animals or with the ocean. Which is how my business name was born and how the cover photo came to be. It was taken while heading out into the ocean to watch the killer whales. Surrounded by the ocean and pods of Orcas, I connected with my daughter, my stepson, nature and most importantly with myself.

If you need a safe place to land, breathe, grow and connect, Safe Harbour Counselling welcomes you.

Wishing you Peace, Freedom and Safety…Always.


Freedom, Safety, Integrity, Equality, Love

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